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Digital Marketing Solutions
Today’s technology gives you the opportunity to access more people around the world with an application connected to the App Store and Google Play.
We are
marketing agency

At Apolla Group, a leading digital marketing agency, we create result-focused campaigns; we do so by measuring the success of the campaign each step along the way, using timely data collection, and thorough analysis.

Search engine optimization
the art and science of improving website’s ranking on Google’s organic search results.
Search Engine Advertising
Creation, management and optimization of Google Adwords campaigns.
Social Media Marketing
Marketing strategy, content creation and campaign management on various social networks.
our skills
Emphasizing localization on international markets as a method of reaching more customers globally.
Direct contact to decision makers in your target industry and turning them into SQLs!
usability & design programming testing leads
Remember life before Google?

It’s amazing how quickly it’s become the place you go when you need to find just about anything.

So, it goes without saying, when a company’s potential customers turn to Google, or any other search engine, looking for the product or service they provide, the more prominent the results, the better.

Well, climbing up that mountain of results can be an arduous, even bewildering journey. To succeed, you need an experienced guide by your side with killer instincts and a sixth sense – an ever-curious search engine companion who knows the way and who’ll take your hand while confidently saying, “Come with me.”

That’s exactly how we see ourselves at APOLLA GROUP.

Proven track record
For over 15 years, our marketing and strategic advice have helped many businesses and industries, from both start-ups to established multi-nationals around the world.
Professional Team

The most experienced team operating in Israel today, each with extensive experience and a proven track record in their domain expertise.

Aligned with Business

We help formulate your business plan and strategy, so our marketing materials are fully aligned with the company’s goals.

Full Service Agency

We hit the ground running, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – growing your business.